10 Cancer Symptoms You Likely Ignore

More than a million people in the U.S. get cancer each year according to the American Cancer Society. The best way to combat cancer is to discover it early, but yet people ignore symptoms they’re not aware of. Here are 10 cancer symptoms you should take note.

10Persistent Fatigue

If you’ve been tired every day for a month or more; or have been recently experiencing unusual shortness of breath that you hadn’t noticed before — it could be a symptom of several cancer types. These could include colon cancer, leukemia, lymphoma or stomach cancer, says Dr. Richard Wender, Chief Cancer Control Officer for the American Cancer Society.

Cancer-related fatigue is very different from everyday fatigue, according to Dr. Wender. Cancer-related fatigue lasts longer and trying to sleep doesn’t make it any better. Many people describe it as overwhelming, and affecting all parts of their lives, and they say it’s the most distressing side effect of cancer as well as its treatment.



  1. Can anyone answer, what can someone do, if doctor doesn’t refer for further blood test, as it is very tough to get blood test for cancer can be done with insurance coverage with this small symptoms and then reaches to final stage of cancer, that’s common in US.

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  3. I has persistent pain on my left leg and thought it was my sciatic nerve and never did I imagine it was cancer. So please get checked as soon as you feel something just not right in your body. I struggled with the pain until I just couldn’t walk anymore my doctor kept telling me it was I needed exercise and wasted time going to a chiropractor and months later I said stop no more take an x-ray and three weeks later I had a diagnosis of class 4 lung cancer that had spread all over my body so please don’t ignore ur pain if it doesn’t feel right get an x-ray ASAP.

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