10 Harmful Food Combinations You Should Avoid

While the art of combining foods to create a delicious dish or snack is likely as old as silverware itself, some food combinations can potentially create problems within your stomach and digestive system. Listed in this article are 10 harmful food combinations that you should always avoid.

8Acidic Juices And Milk / Starch

Do you like to eat your morning cereal while drinking a nice glass of orange juice? Due to the acidic nature of orange juice, the enzymes that are responsible for helping your digestive system to properly digest the starches found in cereal are destroyed. Additionally, acidic juices can turn milk into a foaming mucus substance within your stomach.

These processes can cause basic digestion to become a nightmare while also causing minor discomfort within your stomach which can ruin your day. If you do enjoy a nice glass of orange juice with your cereal or oatmeal, you’re advised to consume the juice 30 minutes prior to eating.