10 Things Coffee Does To Your Body

Living in an age where coffee seems to be more popular than ever before, it’s important to know the effects it can have on the human body. Here are 10 things that coffee can do in respect to improving and sustaining your mental and physical well-being.

9Improve Memory

Would you like to have a better memory? Perhaps sharper attention to detail? Would you like to be able to remember conversations and recall important events with great clarity? Coffee could be your answer.

Per a 2014 research study conducted at Johns Hopkins University, coffee (caffeine) has the ability to enhance the brain’s long term memory recognition. Lasting 24 hours, consuming just a single strong cup of coffee per day can help your brain create a deeper level of memory recall.



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  2. I am confused. Should I or should I not drink 1 cup of coffee per day? I presently only drink one cup per week after church.

  3. I tend to agree with this writer. I am 77 and a coffee drinker for the last 70 years. Recently I discover what others say no coffee before going to bed is a myth only as I normally do by washing down a full cream cup of this wonderful drink. No harm done. Indeed my memory is almost perfect .