9 Best Foods For Your Heart

The heart is perhaps the most important human organ but one often overlooked when dieting – here are nine of the best foods you should be eating to look after your heart.


Avocados are a highly versatile fruit that is highly popular in Mexican and South American cuisines, but its health benefits are relatively underreported.

It is also quite a unique fruit in that it possesses an extremely large quantity of the healthy monounsaturated fat that the body requires to keep in shape.

The humble avocado has been linked with decreasing the risk of obesity, heart disease and diabetes, while its high levels of beta-sitosterol are useful in balancing cholesterol levels.

That’s not all that it’s good for though, it is believed that the other nutrients in the fruit are able to help or prevent other ailments such as deteriorating eyesight, osteoporosis, stroke and heart disease and is even linked with lowering the risk of depression.