9 Non-Intrusive Tips To Stop Snoring

Snoring is recognize as a genuine health problem, and the internet swarms with offers of surgery to cure it- but let’s not forget there exists natural ways of dealing with snoring which will also benefit your general health!

9Try A Different Sleeping Position

Snoring is often due to the relation between the position your body is lying in and the airway through your longs and up your respiratory canals. If you are used to one particular sleeping position, chances are that it’s at least related to your snoring problem.

Try shifting it for a few nights: start (or stop) sleeping on your arm, change sides, or increase or lower the angle of the pillow.

Note that people who usually sleep on their back are more prone to snoring, as certain organs (tongue, chin, the fata round the throat) and get in the way and exercise pressure on your airways.